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Hi there!

I am a 40 something woman who went vegan for ethical reasons over four years ago, prior to this I was a lifelong vegetarian.  I live in the UK where veganism is increasing in popularity at the moment.

Until recently I worked full time as an Accountant in an office based role.  Having just collected my twenty year long service award I decided that I wanted a change, to take a break from work and spend some time doing something different from the nine to five for a while.  So with the support of my husband I was able to quit my job and think about what it was that I wanted out of life.  My list isn’t hugely ambitious, I wanted to finally learn to drive (which I achieved last year), to volunteer at my local library and at a local wildlife rescue centre.  I want to read more, to do something a bit creative, to spend time experimenting with vegan cookery and to work on my health and fitness.  I would like to learn another language and get all those jobs done that we never got round to when we were both working.

And so, I have finished my last shift in the office and I can start to enjoy My Big Fat Vegan Life.

Wish me luck!







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  1. Your blog seems interesting and your struggle with the weight similar to mine. I will be interested to hear about your adventures!

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