My running

This week I’ve been enjoying two blogs on WordPress called ‘How NOT to Run a Marathon‘ and ‘mawil1’s Blog‘, written by two lovely ladies who like to run.  This got me thinking about my own running and perhaps writing about it on my blog also.

Like many, my first attempts at running were when I trained (I use the term loosely) to run Race for Life with some colleagues from work.  I enjoyed the social side, especially the drinks after the race, and always promised to continue to running after the event (I rarely did).

In 2011 – 2014 I got a bit more serious about my running, joining a running club and entering many half marathons, the Great South Run and even Manchester Marathon in 2014.


However, Manchester Marathon ended in disappointment, I developed a terrible cold a few days before the run, I started the race and made it to mile 9 but when my head starting spinning and my legs started going I knew it was time to pull out.  Naturally this left me extremely disappointed and my running has never really got off the ground since.


Genuine photo from 2014 Manchester Marathon Weekend!

Until now!  If you have read my blog post Welcome to my blog! you will know I am taking some time out of work at the moment and one of my goals while I am not working is to get fit and healthy again and running is a part of that.

I must be clear, I have never been a fast runner, my half marathon PB is 02:29 and my best time at parkrun is 00:31:37.  However, now I am only able to run at 13:50 minute miles and the last time I did parkrun (October 2017) it took me 45 minutes!!  When I train now I run for 1 mile and then I take a 1 minute walk break.  I try to run every other day, but if I’m honest if I run three times in one week it’s a good week.  I am lucky to have a small home gym (spin bike/rowing machine and treadmill) so I don’t really have an excuse not to train, however, when I do run on the treadmill I run even SLOWER than I do outside.

Despite all this I am an eternal optimist and so I hope that one day I will get faster and it will feel easier..

Wish me luck!

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  1. That is exciting news! I think that you can definitely do it, the running/walking method is an increasingly popular way of completing runs of all distances- I distinctly remember being over taken by many jeffers during my last half in Richmond- these blooming gazelle types who looked all fresh faced came bounding past me and then stopped a little way up to have a walk. I’d probably have been quicker myself if I had jeffed!

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    1. Thank you. If I stay healthy I believe I can get round, it won’t be pretty but as long as I get my medal I won’t mind!!


  2. mawil1 says:

    Thank you so much for saying that you enjoyed my blog! It was lovely to hear your running secret! I hope that you aren’t going to keep it secret for much longer and will post some updates on your training as well as your dieting- a marathon is a serious undertaking ( I’ve only ever done one half) and you can get a lot of support from fellow bloggers 😁 I look forwards to hearing more! Jx

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