My running week – 19th to 25th February

This week I managed to run 3 times, only dropping my run on Friday where I opted to take the dogs for a long walk instead (a cop out I know).

On Monday I ran on the treadmill for 3 miles and used it as an opportunity to do some fartlek training.  According to the internet, the word ‘fartlek’ is a Swedish term which means ‘speed play’. It is a running session which combines speed and endurance. The principle behind fartlek training is to enable the body to adapt to various speeds, conditioning the body to become faster over the longer distance.  However, great as this sounds, I use it to alleviate the boredom of the treadmill and as an excuse to walk a bit more (you will learn I am a very lazy runner!).

On Wednesday I dragged my husband out with me and we ran for 4 miles near my house.  I was surprised that I ran so much more slowly when hubby was with me, but realised that this was because I was so busy chatting I wasn’t as focused on keeping the walk breaks to just a minute, I think in the last mile we chatted for over 2 minutes before I remembered to look at my watch – oops!

That brings me to today, the last and longest run of the week.  Prior to today my longest run this year (and in many years) was 9 miles and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy I found it, I had even convinced myself that longer runs were my forte and dreamed of becoming a world class ultra runner…..  Not so today, from mile 4 onwards I felt terrible and the next seven and a half miles did nothing to improve matters.  I guess not every run can be great and today proved that to me in a very big way.  On the plus side though, I didn’t deviate from my 1 mile run and 1 (ish) minute walking plan and I burned 1,338 calories – yes 1,338 calories! That goes some way to make up for the fact that I ran my miles 1 minute slower than usual and if you’ve read my blog My running you will know that I am already painfully slow.


My rubbish run today has given me some food for thought, whilst I am happy with the training schedule I’ve devised for my running, I need to work on my cross training, strength work and flexibility, and so that will be my focus next week.

Wish me luck (now is wine a suitable rehydration aid?)!




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  1. My friend, an ultra runner, just says that it is time on the feet that is important and just get the miles in, never mind the pace. So I try to do just that. I had a rubbish run yesterday but still, box ticked, and onto next week! x

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    1. That’s interesting thank you. I try to think that when I’m walking the dogs, it all might help a bit!!


  2. Strength training and flexibility work will definitely help! Also, bad runs are so a part of the journey–just keep moving forward, you got this! Good luck with the rest of your training!

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    1. Thank you very much, I’ll keep plodding along.


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