All the gear – no idea?

Maybe it’s the Accountant in me, but I love measuring and recording things and always have a gadget to help me do this, whether it’s ‘fancy pants’ weighing scales or a Garmin GPS watch which is vastly overspec’d for my needs.  I have spreadsheets going back years which log my weight, my measurements and copious amounts of data on my running along with charts and graphs to illustrate the data.  Basically, if I do it – I measure it!


However, as a plus sized runner (UK size 20), I have always been less interested in what I wear on my runs (apart from my heart rate monitor of course!) than what I can record from my runs.  If it is black and baggy then I’ll wear it, regardless of how many nasty seams the garment has which cause chafing that often I wouldn’t discover until I hit the bath after a long run (you know what I’m talking about – ouch!).  One caveat to this is my trainers, I’ve always enjoyed buying funky running shoes, which is just as well as often training shoes come in some pretty over the top colours.

It was on last week’s long training run that I thought I should probably stop with this attitude and actually buy myself some running gear which was designed to make my life easier when running and not just to cover up my backside.  Therefore, I treated myself to some running leggings and a couple of running tops and the leggings at least are a very radical design for me (see below).  I must admit I was pretty sceptical when they arrived and I thought I’d be sending them straight back, but, when I tried them on they were so flattering.  The hideous (okay, let’s say funky) patterns hide a multitude of sins and the tops are just lovely.


I have also treated myself to an hydration backpack as carrying my water in my running belt was causing me some discomfort.


I won’t lie, when I tried all my new gear yesterday on a 3 mile training run I felt pretty good, the backpack in particular made me feel like a member of a crack SAS team as I jogged along at a snails pace on the treadmill!  Perhaps it’s true that you shouldn’t wait to have the body you want before you treat yourself, it was crazy that I was running in uncomfortable gear because I was afraid to try something different and because I didn’t want to spend too much money on me as I am now.

Next thing – find some decent running pants – unfortunately Runderwear won’t do it as their XL is a 16/18.

Wish me luck!


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  1. It is funny isn’t it, but I also think that running gear is actually more
    Flattering than you think its going to be. I still don’t spend much on my running clothes- I get mine from TK Maxx, Sainsbury’s and Lidl, but I do spend more on the trainers (and socks!)

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    1. Yep, good trainers, socks and a bra are a must. I got my clobber from M&S, I was pleasantly surprised with them. As well as being more flattering I found the running tights (or leggings) so much nicer to run in then the slightly flared runners that I had before (even though they were also wickaway, etc.).


  2. mawil1 says:

    I love the flowery leggings- I bought them too! I’m also with you on the numbers/ data thing. It can be so motivating when it’s going well!!! When it’s not…. well frankly it’s a bit depressing when things are going ‘backwards’ But usually you know why it is (cake for me!)


  3. fivebeansoup says:

    I have found decent gear at Decathlon. They do plus sizes well past a 20 and are inexpensive. I particularly like the sports bra I got there last weekend and as a rather industrial sized girl getting a sports bra can be a defeating experience.


    1. Oooh lovely thank you for the recommendation.


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