“It’s all about the medal, medal, medal”

A nice little ‘present’ landed on my doorstep today, a chunky, funky, glittery medal for the virtual half marathon I completed on the treadmill last week (because Bath Half Marathon was cancelled due to the snow).  It was a very painful run but what kept me going was the thought of this lovely medal!


My husband really doesn’t ‘get’ virtual races and medals, I think he feels they are a bit of a waste of money (although they are a lot cheaper than entering races – understandably) and he thinks that they are rewarding me for training runs which I would have done anyway.  However, I can categorically say that many a time I’ve put on my trainers and run ONLY because I’ve signed up for an online virtual challenge, and didn’t want to miss out on the ‘shiny’, and as a rather shy and acrophobic runner they suit me completely.  But then my husband doesn’t love medals like I do, he wears them on the evening of the race (a family tradition) but the next day they get thrown in a drawer, whereas mine are displayed with pride in our little gym (I stare at them when the going gets tough on the treadmill!).  This particular beauty came from POW Virtual Running my favourite virtual running company at the moment.


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  1. fivebeansoup says:

    Generally speaking I believe the IF is typically used as a tool with another diet. I know it is quite popular with the paleo and keto groups.

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    1. That’s interesting, I read a book called ‘The 8 Hour Diet’ which didn’t call for this. I think I am drinking a lot more than the author would recommend though!!


      1. fivebeansoup says:

        Perhaps the writer of the 8 hour diet generally didn’t each much to start with. Wouldn’t be the first time a weight loss diet was based on how skinny people eat not recognising that most of us that are obese have fucked up metabolisms that need a little something more than a simple skinny person diet.


  2. That’s a really funky medal! Good job on doing the half, especially on a treadmill, that’s commitment! Good luck with the diet!

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