My running week – 19th to 25th March

This week I’ve had a really nice, pressure free, running week.  I’ve concentrated on shorter distances and after one run of just 2.65 miles my legs wanted more when I got home, I guess as a result of the long runs I have been doing, this is definitely a new experience for me!

I only ran twice because I took (and passed – yippee) my driving test this week and so my time has been taken up with last minute panic driving practice.  It feels very strange being able to drive after 40 years of catching the bus or cadging lifts but I know it will open up lots of new opportunities for me.


My running week culminated with my first race of the year (after the cancellation of Bath Half Marathon due to the snow), a lovely 5k on my doorstep, where the race isn’t timed and all the proceeds go to a local charity.  However, the goodie bag was great, the sun came out and there was a medal, so win-win!  The great thing about a 5k is I don’t get the running munchies, I can carry on with my day as usual afterwards and I don’t have ‘runners legs’ during the night.

This week I am hoping to get out and run 3 times.  My short term goal is to get my 5k time down by gradually increasing the ratio of running to walking, only then will I think of increasing my mileage.  This might take me a few weeks but is in line with my new ‘don’t run before you can walk’, or should that be ‘don’t run far until you can run short’, philosophy.

Wish me luck!







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  1. Massive congratulations!

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    1. Thank you – I am very chuffed.


  2. mawil1 says:

    Congratulations on passing your driving test!!!! Success breeds success, I’m sure that with one major accomplishment under your belt otheres will soon follow!

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    1. Thank you. I must confess I do feel more confident after passing it, hopefully I can harness this feeling!


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