My running week – 26th March to 1st April

The best laid schemes of mice and men …..

I signed off my last running blog with hopes of running 3 times last week, needless to say this didn’t happen.  The weather, the Easter Bank Holiday and my own laziness conspired against me and I only actually managed 1 of my planned runs.  Oops.  However, it was a beautiful run around a local country park, made all the more special because I was able to drive myself there (will the novelty of this ever wear off?).

However, even when I’m not running I’m often thinking about running (yes, I am an armchair runner) and this week has been no exception.

Recently I finished reading Lisa Jackson’s book Your Pace or Mine: What running taught me about life, laughter and coming last’ which I enjoyed very much, especially the tales of the naked runs which are something I would NEVER do, but was very amused to read about.  One of Lisa’s recommendations for further reading was Christina MacDonald’s ‘Run Yourself Fit: Simple Steps to a Healthier Youwhich I read very quickly this week and was a little disappointed by, I don’t think I really learnt much from it, it’s very much a book for novice runners, which I guess I’m not, even though I am slower than most novices!  So now I’ve moved on to Scott Jurek’s Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness, Scott is a vegan ultra-runner with an interesting childhood and so far his book has been a very good read, I haven’t been able to put it down.

When I’m not reading about running I can often be found listening to the podcast ‘Running Commentary’ recorded by British comedians Rob Deering and Paul Tomkinson (Runner’s World contributor) whilst they run.  They talk about everything under the sun as well as running and Rob is a vegan so there is a bit of that too.


Yes, for someone who doesn’t run much I do spend a lot of time researching it!


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  1. mawil1 says:

    😁 visualisation is a great motivator!

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