My running week – 23rd April to 29th April

This week I achieved that rarest of things for me – three runs in one week!

Now that I have reduced my mileage to just three miles I am finding things much more manageable, my legs don’t ache after the runs and I don’t have the running munchies afterwards.  I have also started running with a friend or my Mum and I find this so much more motivating, I don’t have to force myself to go out as it’s a prearranged appointment and chatting whilst running makes the pain slightly less and the time go more quickly.

For one of my runs I claimed another virtual medal from POW! Virtual Running.  I originally signed up for this fab Easter/Harry Potter themed medal as a motivational aid for my marathon training, so I confess I feel a bit of a fraud claiming it for ‘just’ a 5k run.  However, it is a beauty!

On Sunday we went to London to watch some of the marathon, it was such a hot day and the runners were so inspirational.  We were privileged enough to see Mo Farah at mile 25 and also the comedian Rob Deering (who records the running podcast Running Commentary with Paul Tonkinson) so I was a very happy would be runner.


So whilst the running is all going well don’t ask me about my weight ‘loss’, oh okay then, my weight loss is going terribly!  I have had a small gain over the last two weeks and have basically been static since the end of February.  This is because I am a wine guzzling monster who is struggling to get my head around anything diet wise at the moment.  However, I’m pretty sanguine about this, life is good at the moment and when I’m ready the diet will click back into place I’m sure.

Have a great week everyone.


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  1. Amazing pic of Mo! Glad you are enjoying running again, it isn’t for everyone and nor is running solo x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, picture was taken by my son. x


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