Eating my way around beautiful Cornwall!

I have been quiet of late because I have been on holiday to the lovely county of Cornwall in the South West of England.  We stayed in a little cottage in a village just outside the seaside resort of Newquay and spent our days sightseeing and walking the beautiful coastal paths.


I particularly loved the disused mines that are scattered across the county reminding me of Poldark!


Unfortunately the weather wasn’t as glorious as it’s been since we returned at the weekend, it was bright and sunny but also very cold in the wind.  However, it did make for perfect walking weather.

Despite all the fresh air and exercise I returned with a little excess baggage.  It seems that, since I last visited, Cornwall has had a bit of a vegan revolution and the amount of amazing (yet highly calorific) food I could try was overwhelming and, alas, I didn’t hold back (I see it as a public service to try all the vegan grub on offer!).


As a result I return 5lbs heavier – yes 5lbs!!  I think this is the most I’ve ever gained on a walking holiday as I usually do enough to stay (roughly) the same.  Do not despair though – I have a plan – the minute I returned and saw the horrid results on the scale I text my buddy (who attends Slimming World meetings and has lost 2 stone in just 4 months) and we have decided that I will go along to group with her on Friday and see if a bit of external help (and let’s face it pressure) will aid me in my weight loss quest.

Wish me luck!

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