My running – May & June 2018

My running blogs have dwindled over the past few weeks because my running has also dwindled somewhat.  In fact, in May I only ran 3 times and in June (so far) I’ve only run twice (although both times were this week so I’m on a very small ‘roll’ at the moment!).

As mentioned before in my running blogs I am not a great runner, at the moment I am still walking for 1 minute in every mile and I crawl up even the slightest of inclines as if it was Mount Everest.  As a result my PB this year, for a mile, is 13 minutes and 45 seconds (Mo Farrah really has nothing to worry about!).  But, I am hoping that if I can continue to lose weight and with some consistent training my times will get quicker and it won’t always be such a struggle.

Wish me luck!





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  1. Good luck! I love a plan- if it’s on an excel, it gets done!

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    1. Thank you. How are you after the marathon? Have you ditch running forever or does it still hold a little place in your heart?!


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