Running update

I’ve not written a blog since the 4th of July but, for once, this isn’t because I’ve been off plan but because I’ve been pretty busy and for the past two weeks I’ve been on my hols.


I am still sticking to my training plan and am now up to 7 miles, with an 8 mile run planned for tomorrow.


I have differing fortunes on my runs, some days I feel comfortable and that I could run forever, on others I cramp up the minute I leave the house and need to stretch out my calves every ten minutes or so.  I know the answer, I need to use my foam roller and stretch more, but knowing the answer doesn’t always mean I follow my own advice.

Something very different happened to me on my two week holiday, as well as taking my running kit, I actually used it!  As a result I was rewarded with some rather amazing views and met some new animal friends in both Wales and Devon where we split our time.  I was also faced with some HUGE hills which I think was the cause of the aforementioned calf cramps on subsequent runs.

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  1. Hayley says:

    Good luck! And well done for getting out running on your holiday. I took all of my stuff on my holiday but never even got it out of the case…

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    1. That is usually me too Hayley – I surprised myself! Thank you. x

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  2. Grace says:

    Well done! Really been enjoying following your story 🙂


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