Ridgeway walks (with a hangover)!

Since I last posted, we’ve had some busy weekends tackling some of the 87 miles of the Ridgeway.

Walking the Ridgeway – the hangover walk

On Saturday 10th we had some friends over for the evening and I had a few drinks, well I say a few drinks – I actually drank two bottles of wine! A staggering amount, I’m surprised I was able to get up the following day, let alone walk. So with this in mind we decided to tackle just a couple of miles of the Ridge that are relatively close to us.

We drove to a small car park just outside the village of Ashbury and walked 2.5 miles in a westerly direction and 2.5 miles back. It was a pleasant walk with a good track and not much climbing, just what a very hungover person needed. I was very thankful for the 2 bottle of water I’d brought and these didn’t last long. Whilst on the walk we were passed by two very polite “youths” on trail bikes and later by a police car looking for said “youths”. I had mixed feelings about this as this is a traffic restricted area of the trail and so they shouldn’t have been there – but they were very good at slowing down for my quivering whippet (who is scared of most things, including motorcycles)!

Statistics – Walk 3

  • Total miles walked – 5
  • Ridgeway miles walked – 2.5
  • Average pace – 24.34
  • Elevation – 83m

Walking the Ridgeway – the quickie

This Saturday’s Walk was one that we’ve done often, with no navigation required to get to the start or on the walk itself. The reason being – another boozy night with friends on Friday (oops – a theme is developing).

We drove to Hackpen Hill to start (which has a little white horse) and walked to Barbury Castle and back. It was a lovely sunny day – just right to blow away the cobwebs.

Barbury Castle is an Iron Age Hill fort in Wiltshire and we are lucky to have this on our doorstep.

We covered 2.25 miles of the trail and rewarded ourselves with tea and mince pies in the car at the end.

Whilst on the walk we encountered our motorcycling “friends” of last week, who were just as polite as before and who were once again on a section of the Ridge they shouldn’t have been on.

Statistics – Walk 4

  • Total miles walked – 4.5
  • Ridgeway miles walked – 2.25
  • Average pace – 26.45
  • Elevation – 108m

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