If life is full of contrasts then nothing illustrates this more than the amount of exercise I did before the Bank Holiday and that I did after.  As they say, I have gone from “hero to zero”.

It all started with an upsetting doctors appointment on Tuesday morning.  Totally out of nowhere (well obviously not totally out of nowhere but it was unexpected) I found myself blubbing my way through what was meant to be a routine appointment, while my wonderful GP made me feel like I wasn’t a crazy woman having some sort of breakdown!

Since then I’ve been feeling pretty glumpy and have struggled with my motivation to exercise, this coupled with some unpredictable showery weather and some appointments mean I’ve not followed the Couch to 5k plan at all and have only cycled once.

What I have excelled at this week however is eating and drinking!  Culminating in a day trip to Bath yesterday with some girl friends, which involved many cocktails and some pretty delicious Greek food AND a Nando’s at 22:00 before heading home!  Today I was feeling a little worse for wear and so we headed off to the pub for a delicious vegan meal.

This nice weekend has helped to cheer me up a bit, but I should probably draw a line under it now, especially as I’ve gained half a stone since the miscarriage and I really can’t afford to put on anymore weight.

As Scarlett O’Hara would say “tomorrow is another day” ….

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