That time I gave up Palm Oil

Giving up palm oil for the month of May was very much like when my husband and I first ‘went’ vegan 5 years ago.  It was easy enough if we were happy to cook most of our food from scratch and to read every label when shopping.

In the years since we converted to veganism it has become easier and easier to become a ‘junk food vegan’, or, at the very least a ‘convenience food vegan’.  But, as well as not being a great option health wise, these convenience foods nearly always contain palm oil and so it was back to the home cooking for us.

As well as our meals, we found that many of our store cupboard staples were out of bounds for the month of May, such as gravy to go on our vegan bangers and mash, or Hobnobs to dunk in our black tea.  And, the sacrifice that I found the hardest, dairy free spread to go on my toast.  We managed to get round these small inconveniences though, ketchup with our bangers, Rich Tea biscuits to dunk and peanut butter and marmite for my toast!

On the plus side, I lost 4lbs and Ian lost 11lbs (he always was a swot!) and we are really enjoying trying some new recipes and getting into the kitchen again.

We plan to keep going with the changes we’ve made and look into other products, not just food, that contain this oil.

Wish us luck!

P.S. you can find Greenpeace’s petition on ‘dirty’ palm oil here.

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