The trials and tribulations of a Weight Watcher

Firstly, the good news ….. in the week and a bit that I’ve been following WW (or Weight Watchers as was) I have lost 2.5lbs.  Yippee.

Now for the not so good news ….. I am finding WW very, very hard.  The plan is quite different to when I followed it 15 years ago and, for me, the changes aren’t making things easier.

On the new plan, most low-fat protein foods are zero Pointed (including tofu, pulses and plain soya yoghurt, along with meat and fish) but WW have taken away 7 ‘FlexiPoints’ to compensate for this, which is equal to a large portion of pasta (mmmm pasta).  Whilst these changes are probably good for meat/fish eaters, they do make it rather tricky for this carb-loving vegan!


Therefore, I’ve emailed WW to cancel my subscription (within the 14 day grace period) and I have decided to give the old WW No Count system a go.  I would have happily continued as an online member whilst following No Count, but alas WW do not support it anymore.  Luckily there is lots of information about the plan online and a rather good Facebook support group which I’ve signed up to.

For those who’ve not heard of WW No Count, it’s like Slimming World but with the addition of bread (I bet they wouldn’t have liked it being described like that when they were still supporting it – but it is)!  You get to eat freely (but not until you are stuffed) from a comprehensive list of Zero Pointed foods; you are allowed two teaspoons a day of healthy oil (olive/rapeseed/sunflower, etc) and around 300 calories (which I’ve converted from the Points allowance I was given whilst a member) of ‘treat foods’.  You can also eat your exercise calories, but if weight loss slows this would be something you can stop doing to get things moving again.

Examples of Vegan Zero Pointed No Count foods:

  • Bakery – crumpets, ‘diet’ breads, WW wraps, sandwich thins.
  • Cereals – sugar-free oat or wheat based (i.e. porridge or Weetabix).
  • Dairy free – plain yoghurt, unsweetened ‘milk’.
  • Fruit & vegetables – all, except avocado.
  • Pulses – all, including baked beans.
  • Whole-wheat pasta and couscous, brown rice, quinoa, bulgar wheat, etc..
  • Soya mince, tofu.
  • Herbs, spices, pickles, sugar free ketchup.

(There are some great resources online if you are interested in seeing the full list).

I appreciate that me adopting WW No Count so soon after shouting from the rooftops that Slimming World doesn’t work for me is a little contrary – but to be honest I am contrary when it comes to picking a diet and sticking to the darn thing!  I’m hoping that this will ‘be the one’ but I wouldn’t hold your breath …..



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  1. Hayley says:

    Woo, well done on the loss! There’s nowt wrong with experimenting and trying different approaches. If it’s not the right thing for you then good on you for getting straight on and trying something else. Good luck with the No Count plan – I like the idea of an oil allowance. Can’t beat a bit of olive oil on your salad 😋 x

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