That time we didn’t Ride London

Back in February I was in the throes of the most upsetting period of my life (the miscarriage of my first, and alas only, pregnancy with my husband) when this magazine landed on my doorstep …..


Informing me that I had been ‘lucky’ enough to bag a place in Ride London, a 100 mile cycle ride which follows the same course as that used in the 2012 London Olympics.  I ummed and ahhed for so long about whether I should enter, whether I could face the training after what had happened (or even at all!) but in the end I decided that to not go ahead would be a very negative decision and so I paid the entry fee, and quickly bagged a place for my husband too – there was no way I was doing this on my own!

Skip forward to June and a wonderful holiday in Spain for my husband’s 40th birthday, we were lucky enough to have a villa with its own pool and even its own tennis court – we were in our element, until this happened …..

Completely out of the blue my husband tore his calf muscle, he was fully warmed-up, he didn’t do anything ‘crazy’, he just ran for a shot and it went ‘ping’ (literally)!  He certainly doesn’t do things by halves, he was unable to walk for several weeks and is still having physio all these weeks later …. so we deferred our entry to Ride London and hope to do it next year.

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  1. Hayley says:

    Oh blimey, hope he gets better soon! That’s flipping crazy!


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