3rd and 4th week’s weigh-in – and a giant act of self-sabotage

Two weeks ago I weighed in at Slimming World and was very dismayed to hear I’d only lost half a pound.  How could this be?  I had been “good” (well pretty good for me) all week and I’d only lost half a blinking pound????  This was a HUGE injustice in my eyes!

So, what did I do?  Did I remember all the very good reasons that I was trying to lose weight and redouble my efforts the following week?  Did I heck as like!  I went straight to McDonalds (at 11:15) and ordered burger, chips (Go Large? Of course!) and apple pie and continued to sabotage for the rest of the week.

Mmmmm cake …..

Therefore, it was a surprise when I lost 1lb at Slimming World this week – 43 years old and this weight loss malarkey still baffles me sometimes.

Now however I am in holiday mode for a week, celebrating my husband’s 40th birthday, and the scales are already weighing 2lbs heavier than last week – oops!  I will try to rein things in a bit, but it’s going to be hard as we’ve so many treats planned.

Wish me luck!



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