5th weigh-in … a miracle?

Last week my main food group was cake, very closely followed by wine.  It was my husband’s 40th and it really would have been rude not to.  When I weighed on Monday I was 5lbs heavier than when I last went to group and so I thought a gain this week was surely inevitable.

However, I tried very hard to claw things back a little.  I started with the intention of following the Slimming World SP Plan (where you eat nothing but ‘Speed’ fruit and veggies – basically the boring ones, along with foods with a high protein count – baked beans are off the menu) but I quickly realised that this just wasn’t going to happen so I made up my own SP light plan.  Under my rules I cut out pasta, rice and bread but allowed myself potatoes and all the starchy veg and fruits, along with all the other free foods, such as plain, unsweetened soya yoghurt.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the scales were very happy, it looked like my plan was working well, however, on Thursday and Friday they stuck and so I expected a gain this morning.  Imagine my delight therefore when I lost a whole half a pound at group this morning – yippee!


I’m planning to follow my SP light plan for much of the next fortnight as I have a medical appointment that I’m meant to have lost a lot of weight for in two weeks – ooops.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Hayley says:

    Yay well done! X

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