From Vegan Junk Food Junkie to Half-Marathoner?

In years gone by I was a bit of a runner.  In fact, between 2009 and 2014 I ran countless 5k’s, eleven 10k’s, nine half-marathons and even a duathlon.  I never quite reached the holy grail of 10 minute miles (which seemed to be what to aim for to be respected by my running chums) but at 10 and a half minute miles I wasn’t far off.

However, for reasons that I can barely remember now, I kept drifting away from running and each time I tried to get started again I found it harder and harder.  Now it is 2 years since I last ran a race (Bournemouth 10k – which I completed by averaging a disappointing 13.35 minute miles) and despite a few half hearted attempts at “Couch 2 5k” I couldn’t seem to get my backside in gear again.

Now though I’m ready to train and I’m really determined to do it.  I am planning to return to work next year, hopefully with a complete change of career (details to follow in a few months I hope), and being fit and healthy will only serve to help me in this ambition.

I have signed up to two half marathons in 2020, the Vitality Big Half and the Great Welsh Half Marathon, both of which are almost half a year away, so lots of time to train (and to try to ween myself off of some of the vegan junk food I love so!).

Basic training starts next week – wish me luck!