That time we went to Norfolk

In the five-ish years that I’ve followed a vegan diet and lifestyle I’ve been really rather spoilt, every year/month/day/minute it seems to become more and more mainstream, which means that eating out has become a real pleasure and is really very easy.

Growing up as a vegetarian in the 70s/80s and 90s I know that this shouldn’t be taken for granted, back then it was hard to get even vegetarian food in many restaurants and when I joined a new school in 1984 I was told to bring packed lunches or just to ignore the meat on my plate.  As for going abroad ….. my family and I once ate the same deep fried cheese dish in Yugoslavia for a whole fortnight and we all felt incredibly ill by the time we came home!  Compare this to the recent holiday we had in Spain (That time I went to Spain as a Vegan) and I really do count my blessings.

Therefore, I had a bit of a shock when hubby and I took a week’s holiday in Norfolk for my 44th birthday.  As always I checked Happy Cow almost as soon as we arrived and was disappointed to find the selection of vegan/veggie eateries nearby was very limited.  I wasn’t used to this – usually we struggle to fit in visits to all the cafes/restaurants/pop-ups on offer.  It seemed that Norfolk was bucking the trend and it became clear that we’d be eating in more than out this holiday.

However, the supermarkets were fantastic, I was able to get all my vegan favourites (VEGENAISE, VIOLIFE slices, almond milk, etc.) and even some new favourites which I’ve been keen to try (Deliciously Ella Nut Butter Balls and Cups) and when all else fails there are always chips and mushy peas at the seaside!

We also stumbled across a few little gems, such as a vegan sausage roll at a fabulous beach hut café on Horsey beach, made all the more special because we’d just seen many wild seals playing in the wash on the beach.  We also made a birthday cake using a Betty Crocker kit and a can of diet coke instead of eggs and oil – try it, it will surprise you!

Not to mention some wonderful walks (40 miles in total for the week) and a visit to a seal sanctuary.

We also stopped off at Cambridge on the way home, a city I’ve always wanted to visit, and treated ourselves to some yummy vegan food to compensate.

So Norfolk, as you are so beautiful, I’ll forgive you for your disappointing vegan selection, but hope you have a few more choices next time we visit!

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