Half-marathon training and the dreaded post holiday weigh-in!

Last week on holiday I made some really positive decisions, such as signing up for a half-marathon which I’ll run in the Spring of 2020, but I also made some less positive (negative?!) decisions, such as to mainline wine and chips and mushy peas!  This week has been about the consequences of these decisions, namely the beginning of my half-marathon training and my post holiday weigh-in at Slimming World.

Let’s start with the positive …… my half-marathon training.  Learning from previous mistakes, where I have literally tried to run before I can walk, I have decided that I should work on general fitness, conditioning and building a strong 5k base before I begin my serious half-marathon training.  With this in mind I started a run/walk programme on Monday which will help me build up to running 5k before Christmas, I completed this 3 times last week, along with spinning twice and a game of badminton.  A great start!

Now, as for my weigh-in, I put on 3lbs this week at Slimming World – oops.  That is what a week of wine, birthday cake and chips will do to you, even though we did walk over 40 miles that week too.  It really is an eye opener, whilst exercise is great for so many different reasons, the adage is true, you can’t run away from a bad diet.

Next week is more of the same, running conditioning and hopefully a nicer result on the scales.

Wish me luck!

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    I’m sure next week will be a much better week 🙂 well done on your exercises though, that’s great!

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