If not now, when?

In 27 weeks, on the 1st September, my teacher training course starts (When I grow up I want to be …. & Three interviews, three offers…) until then I am in the lucky position of having nothing to do, apart from two half days volunteering in my local primary school.

Therefore, I have determined that, after years and years of ‘fannying around’, I simply must use these 6 months to shift some weight and to get fit.  In my mind, teaching and going back to university, is going to be hard enough without being overweight and out of condition.

My new moto, therefore, is “If not now, when?”

To give me some focus (as let’s face it I’ve tried every diet there is, so need to find something new to excite and engage me) I’ve joined the Happy Shape Club, a weight loss club run by the lovely brothers behind The Happy Pear.  At €10 a week it’s £3 more than Slimming World, but I love the fact that it is totally vegan and that they focus on exercise in a way that Slimming World never did.  It is an online club, but there is a really intimate online chatroom and they hold weekly webinars so it feels really personalised.  Also, as it is quite expensive it puts some pressure on me to stick to it, especially as I’m not earning, which can only be a good thing.

The Happy Shape Club:

– Be supported and held accountable to become happier with your shape
– Learn to cook healthy plant based recipes
– Feel lighter and gain more energy
– Have a better relationship with food
– Be supported to do our exclusive weekly workouts
– Be supported to achieve your 10k daily steps
– Learn the lifestyle habits that help you to thrive
– Become more confident in your body

I started last week, somewhat half heartedly as I was still interviewing, and was pleased with my 1.5lbs weight loss when I weighed in this morning.

Wish me luck!

IMG_5412 (2)

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Orlagh says:

    How did you find the course? I’m thinking of giving it a go


    1. I enjoyed it, until they stopped the support during Covid 🤷🏻‍♀️


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