What a difference a month makes … 720 little hours …

What a crazy few weeks it has been. The last time I blogged, on the 2nd of March, I had just completed The Vitality Half Marathon in London. An event that was attended by over 15,000 runners and many, many spectators and supporters. After the run, competitors and their families crowded together in the Expo and in Greenwich Markets searching for a well-deserved burger and pint.

Fast forward to the 13th of March and I’m back in London, visiting my son. This time the streets are eerily quiet, the train wasn’t even a quarter full, both there and back, and the only busy shops are the supermarkets (toilet roll anyone?) and Boots the chemists where everyone is on the hunt for paracetamol and antibacterial gel. As I live a fairly reclusive life at the moment, I’m not working and only really see people, other than my family, when I volunteer at the school, this is all a bit of a shock to me. Obviously, I’d been closely following Coronavirus developments on the news, but in London they were taking it a lot more seriously than we were in the provinces.

However, by Monday the 15th of March my husband had been instructed to work from home and, on the evening of the 15th, Boris Johnson had implemented social distancing measures. I watched with increasing exasperation as my neighbours seemed to ignore all the advice and continued to live their life as if nothing had changed whilst we holed up indoors. The idiocy seemed to reach a climax on the weekend of Mothering Sunday and it was no surprise when the Prime Minister imposed a much stricter lockdown on Monday the 22nd of March. Around our way, at least, this seemed to do the trick and on the whole the lockdown is being observed.

For my part, I am keeping as busy as I can. Unfortunately, I have a very painful “arthritic” wrist so I cannot knit, write, draw, sew or even type, so I’ve mainly been reading and watching box sets and movies (although the jury is still out on this one, I have my suspicions that the pain is caused by tendonitis not arthritis, but I don’t want to bother my GP again until after “the event”). I am not going to the school at the moment as they are working with a very reduced staff, hopefully I’ll get back before September, but I’m not hugely optimistic.

Hubby continues to work from home and even managed to do some decorating at the weekend. We are lucky that we have a garden and two gorgeous dogs, who along with food, are my “normal” at the moment (which probably explains why I put on a pound this week!).  I’d given up sugar for Lent, but I abandoned that (extenuating circumstances) as there is only so much hardship I can take!

I was meant to be going on holiday on Friday, running another half-marathon on Sunday, going to festivals and concerts in April and May and of course these have all been cancelled. However, my more current worry is food shopping anxiety, we have managed things so we only need to go once a week and last week I was lucky – there were no queues and no real shortage issues. Since then however, this seems to have changed in our area and I am panicking about what I will find when I venture out tomorrow. I used to quite like doing the weekly shop – but now this is just stressful.

Who would have thought, less than 4 weeks ago, that in my next blog I’d be writing this?!

Stay safe everybody!

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