Lockdown life … what do you write about when nothing is happening …?

In no particular order, some things about me and lockdown life….

I am grateful for my garden

I am so grateful we have a garden to escape to and we even found a little blackbird nest yesterday, it has 3 eggs and the blackbirds are visiting it regularly.  We also have newts and frogs in our pond.


I am reading a lot

I am reading all the books on my shelves that I will only read once, so that I can donate them to my library and clear up some space when I’m done.  I have also been reading a lot of Stephen King, my gosh he’s good, why did I ignore him for so long thinking he was too “horror” when he is in fact a genius?

Having arthritis in my wrist sucks

The pain in my wrist continues to get worse, so much so that last week I rang the GP (I’ve been putting it off for so long as it seems like such a waste of NHS resources).  Whilst there isn’t much they can do for me during lockdown, she was grateful I rang and suggested a couple of things I could try before they can examine me and get me booked in for physio.  Including huge amounts of drugs and a brace to wear at night.  Having this problem during lockdown does make it harder as it really restricts what I can do… no sketching, knitting, cooking, decorating, writing, typing, exercise that involves my arms, cleaning or anything really!  I have discovered that I am incredibly right handed and so I’m reduced to watching TV and reading, whilst my wrist gets sorer and sorer, you’d think resting it would help, but no.


We’re getting some jobs done

Ian is decorating the house and tackling the garden.  I have re-potted my cactuses!  Again – arthritis sucks (but at least it’s got me out of the sugar soaping!).


I am getting fatter and fatter

I am drinking more and exercising less and the scales are going up and up.  So much for losing some weight and getting active before my PGCE starts in September (assuming it does start) at this rate I’ll be bigger than ever by then.  I am 1lb off my heaviest ever at the moment and I am seriously losing motivation for exercise which is only going to be a detriment to my weight loss goals.  My arthritis is a large contributing factor to my weight gain, however, I am also being a greedy, lazy, alcohol-guzzling vegan too!

My ability to concentrate and focus is non-existent

I could be using this time to prepare for my PGCE in September… I’m not.  Even reading a book is a stretch some days.  I’m not sure why this has happened, but my brain is following my body and turning to mush!

I am sleeping terribly

Again, linked to my arthritis, among other things, sleep is eluding me.  I do usually struggle with insomnia when I drink, but even on dry nights I’m waking at 3 or 4am during lockdown.  This is not good for me, I am a person who NEEDS my sleep or I’m a grumpy, non-functioning nightmare!

I have been watching trash TV

Oh my goodness, how addictive is Tiger King?  I have also re-watched all of Inside No: 9 (sublime – not trash) and have finally started on Peep Show, Louis Theroux and League of Gentlemen.  As I said, my brain has turned to mush…

Food shopping is hellish

I used to really love food shopping but now I dread it, I have only been twice since lockdown started.  The first time I struck lucky, there was no queue and few people.  Last week I queued for 45 minutes and the supermarket was rammed, with people eying each other with suspicion, I did not like it.  My pet hate is couples shopping together, it seems unnecessary.  When I’m at home I feel bored, but pretty normal, when I’m in the supermarket I feel anxious and dirty and I realise how serious things are.  I come home and scrub myself!  At least the shelves are well stocked again though, so we’re eating well – another reason I’m getting fatter and fatter…


In conclusion …

Don’t get me wrong, for the most part my lockdown life is pretty blessed:

  1. I am with my husband, who is the most laidback, kind, person you will ever meet;
  2. I have my two 13-year old whippets who are no trouble and are providing some laughs and lots of cuddles;
  3. I have a large garden and the sun has been shining for weeks now;
  4. I have 3 large bookcases full of books I’ve not read, not to mention my Kindle;
  5. I have subscriptions for Audible, Prime, Netflix, NOW TV and enough DVD’s to open a shop;
  6. I have a very well equipped home gym if (big IF) I fancy getting active;
  7. I live in a sleepy village where I can walk the dogs and observe social distancing.
  8. And of course, more importantly, all of my friends and family remain healthy.

However, these are still strangely surreal and unprecedented times and many days I just sit around doing nothing but surfing the internet and watching the news.

So, this rather mish mashed, incoherent blog sums up my lockdown.  How are you guys doing?

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    I had it all worked out in my head, while working from home, i would concentrate totally on me and get my healthy eating and exercising to a wonderful level… not panned out that way 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so hard! I need to draw a line soon though.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. jmarie1974 says:

        You will, you’ll get there. That line will be drawn. We do need to look after our mental health as well though, so there’s no point in beating ourselves up. So for every good meal, task or chore, we can be pleased with ourselves 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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