My lightbulb moment … ?

In my last blog (Lockdown life … what do you write about when nothing is happening …?) I was bemoaning the fact that social distancing didn’t do much for the old waistline, in fact, I was 1lb off my heaviest weight ever.  Well, it didn’t stop there and not only did I surpass my heaviest record, I went 1lb better – go me (not)!

Therefore, when I received a WhatsApp message from my ex-Slimming World leader, five days after blogging, it certainly didn’t fall on deaf ears.  My leader explained that groups have gone virtual and, for just £2.50 a week, she could re-join me (it usually costs around a tenner to re-join) and I’d instantly have access to all the online content, the Facebook group and at least one weekly Zoom meeting (I could go to more if I wanted).

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-20 at 16.33.24

I have a thing about not saying no to positive opportunities, so Heather’s invitation got me thinking. I really wanted to lose weight and instead I was just piling it on, but my track record with Slimming World just isn’t great. I have probably been a member on and off for the last 15 years, mainly joining with my best friend who has had fantastic success with Slimming World and therefore naturally prefers it to the other options out there. I however, had not seen the results that she had, in fact I think the most I’ve ever lost is 11lbs in 2018 before giving up (again) after a holiday. But, I always chose the moral support and the camaraderie of going with a friend over the fact that the diet ‘didn’t work for me’.

What would have changed now? Probably nothing! However, as I said, I don’t like turning things down if that feels like a negative decision and I was quite tempted by the Zoom meeting, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen any new faces as Ian and I are isolating alone. Plus, it was a really cheap way of re-joining and all that affords you. So, I bit the bullet and started Food Optimising again last Thursday.

I should probably make it clear that the reason Slimming World has never worked for me has nothing to do with the Slimming World plan and everything to do with the fact that I’ve never really followed it properly. I have railed against that plan every step of the way, trying to exploit loopholes, making up my own rules (avocados as a healthy extra A anybody?) and I can probably count on my toes how many times, over the past 15 years, that I haven’t gone over my syns in a monumental way each week. In fact, often I’ve joined with my friend, because I wanted the pressure of group weigh-in and the support of dieting with others, but I’ve followed a completely different diet altogether. Shocking.

So, no-one was more amazed than me, not even my husband or my best friend (although they were pretty amazed), when I food optimised like a little angel for the past week. I have no idea why this time is different but it’s like somebody flicked a switch in my brain that said ‘why not just follow the plan to the letter and see what happens?’

The result? A whopping 3.5lb weight loss this morning. which I am cock-a-hoop about. It’s obviously very early days, but I am feeling remarkably confident that by the time I go to uni in September I might actually have lost a pretty decent amount of weight. the even better news is that I haven’t found it a struggle and I’ve continued to eat some really nice food.

Here’s to weigh-in next week!

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  1. Hayley says:

    Woo, well done! A marvellous achievement 😊

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