YMCA – young man, there’s no need to feel down..

Following my Road to Damascus moment (My lightbulb moment … ?) I have lost 5.5lbs in 2 weeks and even won a Slimmer of the Week award – something I’ve never done before and which made me happier than it probably should have done!  Could it be that lockdown actually works for me, no buckets of popcorn at the cinema, no breakfasts and lunches out, no Thai takeaways or cocktail fuelled ‘girlie days’ in Bath?


I’ve also been inhaling all things Slimming World, reading old copies of the magazines on the app and listening to the podcast.  As of this morning there are 76 podcast episodes and I’m working my way through them for some extra motivation between virtual groups.  I’ve just finished episode 37, which is called YMCA, and I thought that I should give the exercise they recommend a go.

So, in this episode Anna and Clare suggest that you think about your YMCA, when members did so in Anna’s group they lost 3.5 times more weight the next week.  YMCA stands for Why, Motivation, Change and Achievements.

  • Why – think of reasons why you want to lose weight.  This has changed for me during lockdown.  My ‘why’ used to be so that I could look better, be more energised and to feel more confident.  Now, whilst I still want all of these things, my need is more urgent.  Now I want to get my BMI down so that I am no longer classed as obese (at the moment my BMI is 35.5 so I’m actually level II obese) and to get out of the high-risk category if I were to contract COVID-19.
  • Motivation – what is really motivating you? My motivation is to lose as much weight as possible before I start uni. in September (all being well).
  • Change – what needs to change for you to lose weight?  I need to stick to the plan and to do this I need to cut out the booze and start measuring my Healthy Extras and my Syns.
  • Achievements – remember the small achievements along the way.  My first achievement will be to regain my half a stone certificate which I will hopefully do this week.  After this I need to lose another 2lbs to be lighter than I’ve been since 2018.  I’ve broken my goals down into tiny little chunks like this so that I can have lots of little awards and reasons to celebrate along the way.

The good thing about YMCA is it’s not set in stone and it will evolve, and need to be revisited, over time.

Here is some of the food I’ve been eating recently.

Wish me luck!

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