Slimmer of the Month!

Who would have thought that all it would take for me to finally start losing weight was a global pandemic?! Since joining Slimming World six weeks ago, I’ve lost 11lbs and been awarded Slimmer of the Week twice and on Friday I was ‘crowned’ as the Slimmer of the Month for May. I have in fact been ‘on it’ for the entire six weeks, something that was previously unheard of for me.

So, what has changed and what have I changed to ensure that the diet is working for me this time? Being on lockdown I’ve had lots of time to ponder this and some of my theories are as follows:

  • Meals out and takeaways – prior to lockdown I would probably have one or other of these every week. Not to mention the odd grab and go meal deal after a shift at the school. Since lockdown we’ve not had one meal that we haven’t cooked ourselves (give or take the occasional low-syn ready meal).
  • Exercise – as we are only really allowed out to exercise I have definitely been more consistent with this, especially now we can exercise in an unlimited capacity. We’ve even dusted off the bikes and done a few rides.
  • Alcohol – at the start of lockdown I suffered with some pretty awful bouts of insomnia, as alcohol has always affected my sleep I’ve knocked it on the head and drink about once a fortnight now.
  • Time to cook – I’m still not planning meals, it’s just not something I like to do, but we do have the time to cook lots of Slimming World compliant meals.
  • Social occasions – I didn’t know it at the time but I used to fall victim of the “I’m going out on Saturday so what’s the point of dieting this week” mentality which isn’t an issue at the moment. Plus my twice weekly popcorn fuelled visits to the cinema have stopped.
  • State of mind – however, despite all of the above, the biggest change continues to be my attitude. For whatever reason I have a level of commitment to the plan that I have never had before, throw in a wonderfully supportive husband and it seems to be doing the trick. Long may it continue!

Some of the foods I’ve been eating on plan:

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