Still here… still losing…

Ian and I have settled into a regular lockdown routine which includes him shopping early on a Tuesday morning, lots of walking (with the whippets or without depending on the heat) and not a huge amount of anything else. We haven’t felt the urge to drive to Durdle Door or Bournemouth, in fact I haven’t even been to the supermarket since March 23rd! We’ve not been to the pub or a restaurant, even though they are open now, and we’ve not had a takeaway since lockdown began. This isn’t because I am shielding, nor is it because I disagree with the aforementioned activities, it’s just that I am enjoying the simplicity of lockdown life and I’m not missing any of them (yet).

However, this does mean that I haven’t got much to blog about. At the beginning of lockdown I kept myself busy by reading as many Stephen King books as I could get my hands on, I have discovered his novels and short-stories later in life and I can’t get enough of them. Alas, I’ve had to stop reading for pleasure now though as I start my PGCE at Bath Spa University in 7 weeks and so I’m now ploughing through the pre-work. This isn’t a book you see on most unverisity reading lists!

Another positive outcome of lockdown and my paired down life is the fact that I’m still losing weight. Apart from one small gain, when I started the mini-pill (The end of the streak…), I have lost every week for the past eleven. I am losing at a rate of 1.4lbs a week and have now shed 1st 3.lbs, the most success I’ve had in years! I just hope that starting uni doesn’t throw a spanner in the works, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. At the moment, Ian is doing all the cooking because of my stupid wrist (In just 15 minutes I became an old woman – but that’s perfectly normal…) … he is a little diamond.

I hope you are all keeping well and coping with the ‘new normal’ whatever that is for you.


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    1. Thank you. Lockdown seems to suit me! Hope you are well x


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