That time I took up giving up…

Over the years I have given up all sorts of things, for ethical, health and financial reasons or sometimes just for the challenge – Lent or Dry January anyone? I’ve given up smoking, gone vegan overnight and eschewed social media for months. Many of these abstinence campaigns were done in the hope that they would help me lose weight, but they rarely, if ever, gave me the results I wanted. Who knew, that the real answer, the actual Holy Grail, would reveal itself to me during a Global Pandemic? Once I’d got over that initial feeling that everyday was the weekend and I stopped eating and drinking all the food, I actually found that dieting was a lot easier during lockdown. I put this down to a few key things:

  • No takeaways – I know restaurants have been open for takeout food all through the lockdown and subsequent social distancing, but we haven’t used them.
  • No eating out – similarly, we’ve not had a meal out since the beginning of March.
  • Cooking from scratch – inevitably, the above has led to much more cooking and homemade food, although, we are still using the odd shop-bought burger, etc.
  • No shopping – my husband is doing all of our shopping, which means no more impulse buys and trying every new vegan product on the market!

The result, I am continuing to lose weight every week at Slimming World. I am now 5lbs from my 2 stone award and have lost more than 10% of my body weight. I am losing at a rate of 1.5lbs a week, which isn’t the quickest, but it is sustainable and I’ve even managed to lose weight twice whilst on a self-catering staycation.

My next big challenge is my PGCE (Teacher Training course) that starts next month, I’m hoping that this won’t derail me. Organisation will be key I’m sure… and I need to not give up giving up!

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